Dr. Ed Robb

"I can’t stop thinking about the next season: asking and listening for what’s next and knowing there’s more work to do in the name of Christ. God is surely leading our efforts."

Dr. Ed Robb

Letter from Dr. Robb

My deepest desire in ministry is the same today as it was when Bev and I first arrived in The Woodlands 40 years ago: to reach people with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. As our tiny church grew we began to disciple people in faith and to help people in need.

Almost four decades and more than 12,000 members later, The Woodlands UMC is alive in the most vibrant and dynamic ways. It’s become a spiritual home for so many people through the years (we have some folks who joined the church as newly married couples and now their children and their grandchildren are members here).

We might be tempted to rest and enjoy this season. It would be easy to think our work is done. But honestly I can’t stop thinking about the next season: asking and listening for what’s next and knowing there’s more work to do in the name of Christ. God is surely leading our efforts.

The following pages share our vision and our plans for REACH. Our pastors, ministry teams and lay leaders have spent the past two years discerning God’s call to action. Now is the time to expand our facilities and ministries in ways that further advance the mission of our church.

Friends, the REACH campaign is not about building more buildings; it’s about building more community, building more relationships and expanding the foundation for future ministry that stretches far beyond our church campus.

I've come to know your generosity, involvement and faithfulness over the years. I pray this opportunity to participate becomes a significant milestone in your faith journey, and I pray you are inspired to catch the vision, step forward and join us as we REACH the future together.

Your Pastor,

Dr. Ed Robb

Dr. Ed Robb

Why Now?

We are unable to live into our full potential for reaching people for Jesus due to a lack of space. Existing program areas in the main building haven’t been expanded since they opened in 2001. Children’s and adult meeting rooms are beyond maximum capacity on Sundays and throughout the week due to steady growth and participation. Renovations will also enhance safety and security for Children's Ministry areas.

Brent and Dana Saxon

"REACH is important because we’ve seen from prior capital campaigns that it’s not about the church getting BIGGER. It’s about growing in the community, opportunities for discipleship and giving back to the local community and people/ organizations around the world. It’s about staying true to our core values."

Reach Leadership Staff


Donna and Anthony Lannie
Carrie and Victor Muzny
Dana and Brent Saxon
Susan and Mike Skinner

Building Committee

Gary Laugharn
Mark Hanley
Mark Merrill

Pastoral Team

Dr. Ed Robb
Rev. Rob Renfroe
Rev. Susan Kent
Rev. Brent Parker
Rev. Mark Sorensen

Steering Committees

Dr. Ann Snyder
Angela Branch
Danielle Johnson
Gene Satern

The Church at Woodforest Advisory Committee

Rhonda Clauss
Andy Darcy
Angela Miller
Ryan Paul
Scott Sentell

Are you ready?

Reaching our full ministry potential will take all of us.

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