Atrium and Grand Stairway

As you walk into the newly remodeled atrium, you will be immediately drawn to the beauty of the updated space. Everything from the modern light fixtures, to the updated wall colors and soothing water fountain will leave you amazed at the transformation of this welcoming space. You will also find a nice coffee service area and seating for small groups to join together in fellowship.

Perhaps the most stunning addition to the atrium is the beautiful Grand Stairway. The modern stone and glass décor create both a wonderful aesthetic and a functional addition to the open space. The stairs lead up to newly created classrooms and sitting spaces on the second floor. You may find yourself walking through the new atrium over and over just to take it all in.

Connection Point

When was the last time you walked over to the Connection Point by the Atrium to gather information or ask a question? Put it on the list of places you want to visit when you’re back in the building to see the newly remodeled areas. The space feels warm and welcoming with new wall colors and an open design. A new cabinet in the corner holds needed information for volunteers to access. It’s going to be a great place to welcome everyone – visitors coming for the first time and members looking for a place to get involved.

Rosa Parks Commons

An inviting new gathering place has been created upstairs above the Atrium as part of the new construction. The area has been named the Rosa Parks Commons to honor the faith and courage of Rosa Parks. You will find an inviting social space with a sink, counters and comfortable chairs and tables. In addition, we have 3 new classrooms in the corner for various meetings throughout the week or on Sunday morning. Walk up for a visit!

Children’s East Side 

The east side of the Children’s area has been completed, and we are so excited to open all of this space up to our children. With the combination of a large meeting area and smaller classrooms, we will be able to use this area for their activities throughout the week. We have created a safe, warm and welcoming space for our children on Sunday morning or anytime they gather.

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