Main Building Refresh


Areas such as the main sanctuary and atrium are overdue for cosmetic and functional updates to support current needs and future growth.


  • We care, dream for and build for people who aren’t here yet and who need what we’ve found in Jesus
  • Existing areas have not been expanded since they opened in 2001


  • The main sanctuary will be renovated to better support modern technology in worship and special events.
  • Carpet and flooring are ready for replacement.
  • Atrium areas will be renovated to include an updated Connection Point, coffee and hospitality areas and enhanced seating areas.
  • A new staircase in the atrium will give better access to adult meeting rooms on the second floor.

“We had questions about the “necessity” or the immediacy of the need of the REACH campaign. But after learning the church was having to turn away many local charities and support groups due to lack of space, and hearing how the church’s current restrictions have limited the availability to provide the very outreach services that we love so much about our church, we have come to the conclusion ministry expansion will bring the needed structure to reach new families and expand Jesus Christ’s reach into our community and beyond. We hope that, should you feel it is in your heart, you will join us with your support.”

Are you ready?

Reaching our full ministry potential will take all of us.

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The Woodlands UMC