School Building for Children in Guatemala


REACH will enable our Missions Ministry to expand its life-changing work to impoverished young children in Central America. In Guatemala, beautiful Mayan children have suffered in poverty and oppression by a government that believes they have no value and don’t need an education.


  • Access to basic education is very limited in this remote mountain village where the local Methodist Church is already at work.
  • More than 500 children will gain access to structured education and ministry programming through our new plans to build a school in the community.


  • Start construction of a school in Uspantan, Guatemala.



"Our church has a heart for the least and the lost. In Acts 1:8, Jesus gave us the Great Commission to be His witnesses in Jerusalem (The Woodlands), in all Judea and Samaria (Texas and the U.S.) and to the ends of the earth (overseas). He’s called us to spread the message of salvation and to help those in need.”

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