Expansions to Children's Ministry Space


We are called to reach new people by welcoming them into safe, secure and yet inviting spaces on our campus. The more time they spend here, the more likely they are to connect with God and with others through a variety of ministry activities. We are unable to live into our full potential for reaching people for Jesus due to a lack of space.


  • Enhance the safety and security for Children’s Ministry areas
  • Meet the current and future space needs of this rapidly growing ministry
  • The needs of the congregation have changed in the last 17 years. The facility we built in 2001 cannot adequately meet those needs today or in the future


  • Increasing space and creating additional rooms in a dedicated Children’s Ministry wing.
  • Renovation plans include controlled entry and exit points which will provide a safer environment for children and peace of mind for parents.
  • Repurposing the existing main building gymnasium to expand children's ministry programming space.

"We're huge fans of The Woodlands UMC’s Children's Ministry and the way it brings together kids and their families. My 11-year-old son, Connor, loves to connect with other children, but it's been difficult for him lately because there are so many kids in a limited space. By expanding our Children’s Ministry facilities, there will be more rooms for smaller groups to gather, giving him a better opportunity to meet others and build lasting relationships."

"There is no greater investment than the investment we make in the generation that follows us. The children we teach today will be the adults who teach others tomorrow. The conviction of The Woodlands UMC’s Children’s Ministry is to teach God’s Word in an engaging and impactful way for our children. It is our prayer that God will use our ministry to capture the hearts of these potential world changers. The new children’s space has been designed to create connections and relationships beyond what we are able to do in our current space. We are thankful for the heart of our congregation as we move towards making an investment that will last beyond our lifetime."

Are you ready?

Reaching our full ministry potential will take all of us.

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