Why do we need to expand? Aren’t we big enough?

We are living into the success and growth brought with the IMAGINE campaign of 2012. Our overall worship attendance has grown by 20% in the four years since IMAGINE project construction finished. Membership is now more than 13,000.

Why do we need to expand right now?

We are experiencing overcrowding. Groups are unable to meet on Sundays and throughout the week. Children’s Ministry and areas used by our adult ministries have not been renovated or updated since our main building opened in 2001. We are unable to meet the needs of today and adequately provide for future growth without a new renovation project.

When will construction start?

Construction is slated to begin in summer of 2018; however, this timeline may shift due to changing project specifications and availability of necessary funds. Here is an estimated timeline of our construction projects.

How much money are we talking about?

We estimate the cost for our projects to total $30 Million:

  • Main Building Renovations: $13.0M
  • New Gym at FLC: $7.4M
  • Church At Woodforest Phase 1: $7.4M
  • Missions: $1.0M
  • Funding & Financing: $1.2M


How do we plan to pay for this?

We believe we can pay for these new projects with new pledges from our members over a three-year period.

Does our church currently have any debt?

Yes. Right now our debt is at $12.4 Million.

What is our plan for paying down debt?

It’s currently projected that at the conclusion of REACH, our debt will only be $1.5M more than it is today. We will plan further debt reduction if member giving is greater than expected.

What’s in it for me?

Supporting the campaign means you are investing in the greater good of our church and God’s Kingdom, regardless of which ministries you participate in or which worship service you prefer.

By supporting the REACH campaign you reach far beyond new buildings and parking lots to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ. You are contributing to our collective strength for generations to come! You are joining the ranks of church members who have come before us, believing our church and its people are making a difference in the world.

Most importantly, when you make a commitment to the REACH campaign you are giving back to God what is already His. It is a faithful response to the One who has provided everything we have.

What is the fundraising process?

The REACH campaign will begin with a special sermon featuring Dr. Ed Robb on April 8, 2018. Dr. Robb and other pastors will share their vision and action steps for fulfilling our mission as a church during a five-week REACH worship series. REACH Commitment Sunday is May 6, 2018.

When are pledges due?

We hope everyone completes a pledge on or before May 6, 2018. We will also provide opportunities to turn-in pledges on the following two Sundays, as well as an online form.

How long is the pledge commitment?

Commitments to this campaign are for three years, over and above giving to the regular ongoing ministry needs of our church.

Can assets other than cash be committed to the campaign?

You may choose to give marketable securities that have appreciated value. There are favorable tax treatments for donations of appreciated assets. Real estate and other assets will have to be approved by our church trustees, who reserve the right to return any gift determined to be unacceptable because of value, marketability or for any other reason deemed problematic to the church. It is always wise to consult a tax professional regarding your situation prior to making a gift of this type.

I know I will make a pledge. What else can I do to help?

Make prayer your first priority. Pray individually and in groups for a faithful response by everyone in our church community. Pray for this campaign and its leaders—that every decision made and every step taken is consistent with God’s plan for our lives and for our church. Pray for bold faith that God will provide everything we need as we make financial decisions and commitments for the next few years.

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